15 August 2008

Rabbit's Gift - Shannon

Rabbit's Gift is an old folk lore that is possibly traced back to Chinese decent. No matter who is responsible for its origins, it is a wonderful book! Rabbit is out collecting food right before a snow, he finds 2 turnips! He gets into his house, the snow begins and he munches on his yummy turnip. He then has a thought that maybe his friend doesn't have food to eat so he goes out into the snow and delivers the turnip to the door step since no one is home. He returns to his home and the snow covers his tracks. When his friend returns home and finds the gift he doesn't know who gave it and he already has something so he takes it to another friend and this happens multiple times until it winds up back as a gift to Rabbit. Rabbit is so surprised but still concerned about his friends that he finds them all and they share it. A good story to share with your children.