11 August 2008

The Raft - LaMarche

Even though the summer currently is almost ending, there is nothing like reading a book about the good old days of summer and the joy they bring.
Nicky was not happy about going to his grandma's, he was convinced there was nothing to do and he was to spend all summer with her - how boring...
He soon finds out how busy his grandma keeps her schedule but they also find time to relax. Near the house is a river and one day as he is fishing something floats up to the dock - it is a raft. As he starts uncovering the brush that has fallen over it, he discovers animals etched on it. He soon finds the raft a very comforting place and his grandma teaches him how to take it up and down the river by poling. Being able to view nature up close was his summer long adventure and he became a river rat just like his grandma.
This is a neat story, the pictures are really neat, especially about the raft. I wish all children could experience a simple life like Nicky does but for now, I highly recommend this book.