13 August 2008

Rattletrap Car - Root

Ever drive a junker? They are so much fun and if you have only driven a snazy car, someday you should give yourself the opportunity. :) Ok, so don't trade in your pretty car for one like this one, just read the book and you'll get the point of a junky car. Oh I loved Root's way of describing the sounds...
It was a hot day and all the kids said to Papa, they wanted to go to the lake for a swim. Their dad isn't sure about getting there in their old beater but hey, why not give it a shot. They pack their bags for a nice picnic and some lake toys and head out. After clanking along for a bit the tire blows...no problem, they fix it with some marshmallow fudge and a beach ball. One problem after another but nothing stops this family from an enjoyable day together! I really loved the rhythm in this book, the sound effects are neat and they keep building on top of each other - I kept trying to say them faster and faster which was fun for me and my daughter liked it. :) Enjoy these summer days!