20 August 2008

The Reluctant Dragon - Souci (retold)

Jack is a well learned little boy and his parents are proud that he is so well read. One day his shepherd father comes in with the sheep quite out of breath. When Jack and his mother are able to calm him they find out there is a dragon living in one of the fields. Jack's father is convinced it is bad but when young Jack, who is so well learned, proposes to first speak with the dragon his father allows it.
Jack finds out in his conversation with the dragon that he is peaceable and merely wants a place to reside. Over time Jack and his family grow quite fond of the dragon but his whereabouts are not kept secret forever and the town calls a dragon slayer in.
Jack intercedes before the big fight and introduces the slayer with the dragon who decide together that they should stage a fight and then conclude that the dragon has repented of his folly and will be good at last. So it is and the town comes to love the dragon too.
I thought this was a great story, long and in this version the pictures are small with tiny captions but I loved the story! The humor in it of staging a fight was really fun and quite the twist on the normal dragon slaying stories.