05 August 2008

Sato and the Elephants - Havill & Tseng

Sato wanted to learn from the best, his father who was an expert ivory carver. When his father dies he is forced to learn the rest on his own. Soon though ivory becomes so rare that he cannot get any. After a bit he spends his savings on what he believes is a perfect ivory block and he decides to carve an elephant from it. When he reaches the head though he is saddened to see that there is a blemish...but wait, is it? It is really a bullet. This is the part I didn't care for in this book. So now he has the crazy dream about these elephants and how saddened they are that he would carve from ivory. So the end of the book is he gives up ivory carving and takes up stone sculpting.
I am smelling animal activists all over this book. I am not at all for animal cruelty, God gave mankind the job of caring for the animals but he also gave us full rights to use animals for food, and clothing...see Genesis.
I didn't like the flow of this book, didn't like the dream, too weird and didn't like the animal activists agenda all throughout the book.