07 August 2008

Tell me some more... - Bonsall

This book does an incredible job at describing not only a child's imagination but the value that is found in a library.
The one little boy tells the other little boy that he knows of a place where he can hold an elephant in his hands..."tell me more" is the response. The first little boy goes on to tell the second boy about all sorts of wonders that he can visit and seem very tangible even when he knows logically they are not. Finally after asking again and again to hear more the second boy simply states his disbelief. The first boy then takes him to this place, the library where they look all over for the wonders. In the end the second boy is a believer of the wonders a library can hold and he tells his sister in the same way of some of the wonders he has seen.
Very good book, I am so glad I own it!