11 August 2008

Tiny - Rogers

"Once upon a time there was a flea called Tiny..." The next page broadens to Tiny's world, a dog named Cleopatra. The following pages broaden still to reveal, the house, road, town, island, planet, galaxy that Tiny lives in. Each page holds what I would consider fairly ugly illustrations but even while they could be better it is a neat concept of a book. As each page broadens the text gets smaller and smaller. When Tiny falls off the dog he looks up to view the stars and comment on his misfortune. He notices how small the stars are and thinks life must be ok since he is not the only small thing in the world...and then along comes another dog.
I would love to see better illustrations in this book someday that might lend for a bit more closure at the end of the book when you see only a dog's paw and you are left to think he has hitched a ride on another canine again.
Not a book I was all over but not a horrible one, I just think it could have been done so much better.