20 August 2008

The Ugly Caterpillar - Sommer

Poor Katy the caterpillar, she is considered ugly by everyone except for her friend Annie the ant who thinks she is special beyond her looks. The two friends play all summer having lots of fun and learning more about each other. Then one day, Katy has to leave, she explains to Annie that she will be back but not for a few weeks. Annie waits and waits, she misses Katy so much. As Annie is sad by her friend being gone she hears movement inside the compartment that Katy is in. Suddenly a strange face appears. Katy has to convince Annie that she still is Katy and then she takes Annie for a ride. The soar down to the other insects that had previously made fun of Katy. Now suddenly everyone wants to be her friend but she explains that true friends see past what one looks like and get to know what is on the inside. She leaves all the friend want-to-bes because they simply just like her for her looks.
Good story, good illustrations, good morals.