20 August 2008

Webster J. Duck - Waddell

Webster is a new duckling, just hatched from his egg, but where is his mommy??? He ventures off to find her. He meets a sheep, cow and a dog but he knows by how they talk they are not his mommy. Finally he sits down on a dock and starts to cry. The animals he just met start calling to his mother and she comes over finally and mother and baby are united. It is a super cute story but I have one problem with it. When Webster sees the other animals he calls them a "Duck with a waggly tail" and "big wooly duck" and also a "bigger big duck". While I see that the perception of a baby duck might be confused, must we confuse our children too? There is no identifying what the animal really is it just leaves them as some other kind of duck. I had to explain to my daughter who looked quite confused that this animal was called a cow and the other a sheep and dog. I could tell it threw her. For the age bracket it is aimed at, they are still developing their vocabulary a lot so to have something that doesn't reinforce that isn't on my "to buy" list.