11 August 2008

Where's My Monkey? - Schubert

This would make for such a delightful story but the author has chosen to leave it silent and to each readers imagination. This little child loves his monkey and it goes everywhere with him. One day he looses it during a storm and when they return to look for it they cannot find it. A family of rats have dragged it into their house where they pull its pants off and go for a ride, then somehow they put them back on when a hedgehog comes along and they give the hedgehog the monkey. It is then passed to a bird and finally into a pond where you feel it is doomed to rest. A toy restorer happens to catch it while fishing one day and he returns it to good condition. The child then sees his monkey in the window and is reunited.
I think this book has so much potential it is a shame to leave it just in picture format.