20 August 2008

Who Do You Love? - Waddell

Ok, so I went on a Martin Waddell reading spree here this week. I hadn't been too impressed with his writings thus far until I came to this book. I love the illustrations and the book is very cute - a great goodnight story!
It is time for Holly to go to bed but she asks her momma to play "the game" with her. So her momma starts asking her who she loves. She goes through several people in their family and finally is all ready for bed. As she is getting tucked in, as the game goes, she tells her momma that is everyone, but her mother reminds her she forgot someone. She names a few more random people she knows and then her mother says, no, and asks her one last time to which Holly ends the game by saying "I love you" to her momma. The illustrations made these cats take on such character, I just loved it!