01 September 2008

The Bird, the Frog, and the Light - fable by AVI

Bird always sings to the sun and brings in the day and the two are good friends. One day a proud frog calls to the bird and tells him of his great and majestic palace. He takes the bird down his dark tunnel and makes him feel all of his greatness. A marble palace, an ancient throne, thousand of loyal subjects, a hug army...the problem was, it was so dark he had never seen any of his greatness. He threatens the bird and commands it to go and get one of the sun's rays so that he may see his greatness. The frightened bird goes to the sun and asks him the favor, which the sun grants because he is so fond of the bird. The little bird returns to the frog's kingdom and throws the beam into the air. What the light reveals is a proud frog and a chicken's nest - the ancient throne, a smooth stone from constant rubbing - the marble palace and other elements that once were thought to be great but were of no value. In the end the bird begins to teach the frog to read so that he can have some greatness in life.
I honestly thought this book would end with the frog's greatness being shattered and him learning a lesson so the reading lesson at the end threw me. Overall it is a good book but the ending didn't seem to fit as well as I thought it should.