01 September 2008

Blueberries For Sal - McCloskey

Little Sal is off with her mother to pick blueberries on blueberry hill. Her mother wants to can them for the coming winter so Sal is encouraged to pick lots and not eat too many. Oh but the delicious berries are so good! The first few land kerplink, kerplunk in her bucket and the rest are eaten. Sal even tries to eat her mother's stash in her bucket! As she sits down to rest dear Sal eats more blueberries and then realizes her mother isn't there. Now on the other side of the hill a mother bear and her little one are eating blueberries to store fat for the winter. As Little bear sits down to eat a lot of blueberries her mother wanders away and little bear and little Sal are now wanting to find their mothers. In their quest however to find their mother they find each other's mothers. The mothers are in for a real surprise to find another child instead of their own behind them. In the end the children are reunited with thier mothers and both sides got a lot of blueberries.