02 September 2008

The Giant Encyclopedia of Lesson Plans (For Children 3 to 6) - written by teachers

I am just so incredibly excited and do I have a book to recommend to you. A few weeks ago I posted a bloggy giveaway I had found for The Giant Encyclopedia of Lesson Plans for Children 3 to 6. I thought it looks interesting so I entered the giveaway. When I checked back on the site lo and behold yours truly had won! :) So today I received my new educational resource and after looking through many of the lessons I am so excited! This book is laid out so well with catagories of Seasons, Senses, Insects, Numbers, Literacy... and under each catagory there are many lesson plans on how to share these great things with your child. I am enclosing in this blog 2 of the pages for you to view but I would highly recommend this book to you if you have children in this age or even work with children in this age group!