20 September 2008

Snake Supper - Durant & Parker

I really liked this book, kinda gruesome to some maybe because it is all about a hungry snake. He is out for his Ssssssupper. :) He starts out small with a mouse and a smaller page shows a little mouse bump in him. Then he swallows a goat - horns and all. He proceeds to eat two monkeys and a tiger and then he is content to go and sleep. Just when he is dozing though an elephant with a big log comes along and challenges the snake to eat him. The greedy snake thinks this meal fir for several weeks so he opens his mouth wider and wider and wider...oh and a little wider until...Wham! The elephant shoves the log into his mouth propping the snakes mouth open. The elephant then pulls the tiger and all the other animals out of the snake leaving him empty. After taking the log out the snake slinks off not hungry for supper anymore but hungry for breakfassssst.
So you see what I mean that some might feel this book a little grusome. My husband was dissapointed that the snake didn't learn his lesson but hey, my thoughts were, the snakes gotta eat. All in all, I liked the book and maybe some of you out there will too.