11 October 2008

The Bible Illustrated for Little Children - Lindvall

There are many Bible story books out there for children, everything from board book Bibles, sections of Bibles and many Bible study books for children. My parents found this one for when we were growing up and it is a good Bible book. Beautiful illustrations keep a little eye, the stories are short to keep little one's attention and what I really like is that at the end there are some good though provoking questions about the story just read for the children to answer. We are reading through the Psalms together as a family right now but we are going to use this to read our children through the Bible stories.

Update as of November 24, 2008:
We have started using this Bible Story book and while it is an excellent it does have some areas I must critic it on. While it has a good overview of Bible stories it leaves out Noah, yup, one of the most famous people in the Bible and they left him out, Enoch is in there but not Noah. Also you do have to rephrase some of the questions for younger children but overall it is geared for a younger crowd.