01 October 2008

The Giant Jam Sandwich - Lord & Burroway

I really don't mind honeybees although anything that can sting me isn't very appealing...you see, I have never been stung, nor am I sad I haven't been. I am not sure how I have gotten through life without getting stung, except that the God has decided not to send a delightful stinger my way. All the same I don't really care for bees/wasps either so growing up this book was my favorite.
This town has a huge problem, 4 million wasps have invaded their town and are causing havoc upon their living. What is a town to do, how do they drive them away??? This creative town finds their answer in teamwork and a giant jam sandwhich. The baker helps to bake the bread, the town spreads on the jam and then helicopters hold the huge top slice and wait for the wasps to take the bait.
Wasps come in a buzzing flurry and splat they are trapped in the sticky jam and top slice. Only 3 get away and they are never seen again.
This just has to bee :) the coolest book ever. I just loved it as a kid and I hope you can enjoy it too. :)
The Giant Jam Sandwich