27 October 2008

The House Keeper's Dog - Smath

The loving house keeper in this book has a sweet normal dog who she just adores. Once though when she takes her vacation she needs to leave the dog somewhere so she leaves him with her employer, a rich man and lady. When the rich couple sees the dog scratching and chewing on a bone - you know, normal dog activities they send him to a high class dog school. When the sweet house keeper returns she is greeted by a snobbish dog. She continues to wait on the dog hand and foot but with no thanks. One evening the dog goes out for a puppy party and after the party invites all his friends over for more interaction. The housekeeper returns to find her home invaded and shoos all the dogs out. Her dog shubs her and decides to go else where. He and his doggy parade invade the rich couples house to party some more but the couple calls the dog catcher. The now snobby puppy runs away as do all his other so called friends but he is caught right outside his housekeeper's home. She comes out and claims the dog and describes him as a dog who likes to play, chew on bones and other normal doggy things. The dog realizes his folly and he returns to his normal self so he can be claimed by his owner.
I really enjoyed this book, a good ending and the story line is good.