01 October 2008

Sam - Scott

Does your child ever feel left out as the rest of the family goes about their daily activities. Just because your child is small we always must remember that they are people too and need to be included. I really liked this book called Sam as it illustrated really well how hurt a child can become when left out of daily life and left out of the lives of the people he loves.
Sam is a little boy who just wants to spend time with someone in his family...his momma is baking so she tells him to go find his brother, his brother is reading so go find sister, his daddy is in his office so go find mother...and then poor Sam cries. No one wants him around, I felt my heart breaking for this little boy as I just wanted to cuddle him. His momma finally realizes the problem and makes the time, takes the extra time to get him involved. I know I have been guilty of going about life and not including my kids or thinking someone else should be responsible. This book would almost be a better read for a parent struggling to spend time with ones children because it shows their emotional need for love.