27 October 2008

What Mary Jo Wanted - Udry

All Mary Jo wanted was a dog, she dreamed of it all the time but every time she tried to convince her parents to buy her one they gave lots of excuses as to why she wasn't ready. Mary Jo felt responsible and she constantly was reminding herself about how much work a dog would be but she knew she was up to the challenge to have one of those furry friends. One day, her parents decide to try it and they go buy a dog. Just a puppy and not house trained he must sleep in the kitchen. Over the next few nights no one gets any sleep because of the lonely puppy and Mary Jo, tired as she was, faithfully comforted her dog. She finally comes up with a solution to sleep on a cot in the kitchen until her dog is house trained and the whole family sleeps well then and her dog is happy and she is happy to be taking care of her puppy.
This book would be a great read for any family considering to buy a dog or animal at all really. The author did a great job of showing the sacrifice one must make to train a puppy - and that is just the beginning of their life. I liked this book and I think any family considering to buy a pet should consider reading this book.