07 November 2008

Dinosaur Bob & His Adventures With The Family Lazardo - Joyce

The Lazardo family always got to go on fascinating vacations every year. One year their son went off wandering the the jungle and came back with a dinosaur. After discussion and asking the dino's opinion, they named him Bob. All vacation they had a great time with Bob and when it came time for vacation to end they just couldn't part ways. When they arrive home though, Bob isn't welcomed as warmly as they thought he would be and they decide to leave. After traveling though they realize that they miss their home and so they return. To the surprise and delight of their neighbors, Bob joins the town's heroed baseball team that never wins and leads them to victory.
This is a fun book, I just loved the pictures, they really say a lot in the book. If you want a fun loving, way out there adventure, this would be it and I think I saw there might be other books like it in a series. I found this book at my library.