26 November 2008

A Fish Out Of Water - Palmer

Helen Palmer has certainly given us a delightful story here in A Fish Out Of Water. A little boy buys a nice little fish, Otto, from the pet store and Mr. Carp, the pet store owner gives him a warning only to feed him a certain amount and no more or something could happen. Well, what is a little boy to do but take the fish home and feed him...but what would happen??? Can a little boy help but wonder, so he dumps in the whole container. To his amazement and soon fright the fish grows and grows and grows until not even a swimming pool is good enough. Mr. Carp is called onto the scene and dives under the water. What is happening down there? Is Otto ok? Is Mr. Carp ok? Then, Mr. Carp pops up and hands the boy his fish with the same words he gave in the beginning but to a wiser boy.
Great rhyming and hilarious action, I just loved this book and so did my daughter and husband.