24 November 2008

My Picture Bible to see and share - V. Gilbert Beers

I mentioned another Bible Story book here in an earlier post and while I really like the layout of that one they are not as thorough as this one here. While similar in layout the artwork is varied in this one so you are always surprised at how the characters look, nothing disrespectful though. While the other Bible book I reviewed left out the story of Noah this one has 3 lessons on it. Both Bible story books have a question section, this one includes question on a visual level, what does your child see in the picture. Sometimes I have to rephrase questions to help our 2 1/2 year old answer the questions but over all she gets into it a lot and listens a lot better than with the other book. I also appreciated they included several sections on the birth of Jesus and when the wisemen are introduced, they are at the house and not at the nativity scene - which is where the Bible places them but somehow they always get stuck at the nativity... :) Very well done.