06 November 2008

No Carrots For Harry! - Langerman

Harry doesn't like carrots, he'll eat a lot of other yummy foods but no carrots. One day his family is invited over to a diner and carrots are served...no way will he eat those he thinks. Then he sees what is for desert...his favorite treat and no one gets any until they eat their carrot. Poor Harry watches as all his siblings gobble their carrots down and one by one are served the tasty dessert. Carrots can't be as bad as missing my favorite dessert he reasons to himself and finds himself tasting and liking his carrot.
I really think this book is such a keeper because of the role model Harry is for trying something new. I don't like the background subtle part that his parents hadn't been having him try these foods. I am glad Harry's aunt stood strong and encouraged him to try new things.