12 December 2008

AlphaOops! The Day Z Went First - Kontis

Alpha Opps has got to be the funniest alphabet book my husband and I have read. With colorful illustrations and wacky antics these letters are all mixed up...on purpose. A is about ready to begin with Z barges in with demands to start first because after all, Zebra and him always have to go last and this way it would be fair. So they begin a backward decent until P interrupts claiming he always has to be in the middle. After that is pandamonium as all the letters begin to go wherever. Finally they get to the end and there are some great plays on words as well as listings of words that start with each letter. In the end A ends it all with a grand finale of an "A" listing of words and forgives Z for barging in so.

My daughter who is learning her alphabet just loved this story and we got to talk about the letters and their sounds a lot. I just really loved this book, so did my husband. It is a great read.