12 December 2008

Tom and Pippo on the beach - Oxenbury

I hope this author doesn't have more books like this out there. I first saw this book and said to myself, 'this is cute' but its cuteness is all it has going for it. This little boy, his dad and stuffed monkey go to the beach, they have fun but the dad wants to protect the boy from sun burn but the boy wants his monkey to wear a hat so the dad makes his monkey a newspaper hat. In the end the boy refuses to wear his hat but rather the newspaper hat. To make matters worse in my eyes, the dad is wearing a speedo style swim attire and one picture it doesn't look like he has anything on. I was not impressed with this book and would not recommend it.

Let me say this, I love a book that peeks into the world of a child and shows his imagination, his creativity and ability to pretend and I have read some good books that illustrate this but unfortunately this does not come close to showing the world of a child, except their independent side...