22 January 2009

Bear Snores On - Wilson

Karma Wilson is a new author (learn more about her by clicking on her name) to me but I have been observing that she has some very cute books out there. We found this one for our kids today called Bear Snores On.
Bear snores and snores on as the wind howls and snow whirls during the winter. Mouse, Hare and a variety of other animals however are trying to get out of the horrible weather and they find Bear's cave. One by one they make it cozy and welcoming, starting a fire, popping some corn and brewing some tea. Bear sleeps right through it until a speck of pepper lands on his nose making him sneeze. Bear is angry and upset that there is a party going on without him until Mouse assures him that he can join in the festivities. Bear enjoys his friends until dawn breaks, he can't call asleep but all his new friends are.
This is such a cute book, we really enjoyed reading it. My only critic is that maybe Bear's rage over being left out was a little over done and could lead a child to believe the bear is going to eat the other animals or chase them all out into the cold. The end of it though is so sweet, I just really liked the book.