03 January 2009

The Boy Who Would Not Say His Name - Vreeken

One of the first things kids do is learn to recognize their names, then comes mommy or daddy or a pet or sibling but almost always a child learns to say his name. Well, this boy knew his name all right but he refused to say it. When asked his name he would respond with a fictional character, which drove his family into frustration. One day though he gets lost in the mall and he is taken to the mall office where he is asked his name. After calling for a Mrs. Stilkskin until the end of the day and calling him Rumpel they sent him to the police station. He again gives another false name. As he sat there all alone though he began to realize he mistake, he then gave his real name to the police officer who contacted his family immediately.
A good lesson for a stubborn child, not very funny reading this book though from a parental perspective. A good book though and could be used as a good teaching tool.