03 January 2009

The Digging-est Dog - Perkins

This poor pooch has only known life inside a pet store on a hard, cold stone floor until one day he is bought by a farm boy. Enthused about life he runs and leaps and lets his new master know that he is a good dog. Then, the boy invited the neighborhood dogs over for a dig with his new pet and low and behold, the poor dog can't dig. The ulltimate in rejection for a dog as he is shunned. The boy tries to teach him but to no avail. Then with a lot of practice he gets it, but not only does he get it, he is good at it...well a little too good and now must be stopped. This dog's crazy adventure is so much fun and when he learns to balance his new talent everyone is happy.
I really enjoyed this book and so did my daughter. A lot of fun to read. :)