03 January 2009

Robert the Rose Horse - Heilbroner

Robert is a fun loving horse...but alas, he is allergic to roses. Since there are roses all over his farm he is forced to go away and work in the city. He must be very careful but he also must obey his employer. Time after time he is asked to go and be near roses and as soon as he gets a wiff, Kerchooooooooo...someone ends up flat on the ground and Robert is left without a job. Desperate for a job he applies as a police horse and once again does a great job. One day some bank robbers rob a bank right behind him. As they are getting away Robert knows one way to stop them so he finds a rose and takes a big wiff...Kerchooooooooooo and down go the robbers. Robert is rewarded and honored and everyone is relived to find out that he is cured after that last big sneeze.
This book is so funny, I had a great time reading it and I hope this review does it justice. I hope you enjoy it too. Robert the Rose Horse by Heilbroner