16 February 2009

Because a Little Bug went Ka-Choo! - Stone

I love stories that are circular or are laid out in a way that everything affects everything else in huge over-exaggerated ways. This book does just that. On one fine day, a litle bug sneezes, his sneeze knocks a seed off that hits a worm, the worm gets mad and kicks a tree...that little bumb knocks a coconut off a hits a turtle in the head, knocking him into the water. The journey that happens is just hilarious as boats are sinking and policemen are flying.

I love this book! The only thing I didn't like about it was the display of anger by the chicken and worm. Kids don't need any encouragement in how to express anger, maybe she could have figured a way to tell the story without two very violent expressions of anger. Otherwise a great book! My 1 year old was looking at this book the other day and I heard him making a sneeze sound affect. It was super cute!