04 February 2009

Dear Peter Rabbit - Ada

I love a good fairy tale and the old ones by Beatrice Potter are definitely a favorite. Alma Flor Ada has taken some of these beloved stories and added a neat twist - interlocking all the stories and written as letters between friends. Pig One and Peter Rabbit, Goldilocks and Baby Bear all writing letters to one another about how Pig One and Pig Two's house was destroyed and how Peter got a cold when escaping from Mr. McGregor's garden. Later you find out that Goldilock's last name is McGregor and she helps poor Peter by putting his coat on the fence for him. There is so much story line in the book it makes for a wonderful read - well, I enjoyed it more than my almost 3 year old, but she doesn't know the old stories in detail like I do since I have several more years of knowing them under my belt. :) To sum it up, this is a great book and I hope you'll try it and take a fun twist on some old characters.