05 February 2009

Frog Went A Courtning - Barbaresi

I love when a book has music or something different in it like a craft or recipe to change things up a bit so when I found this book I saw the little song in the end and thought it looked cute. We love music so I thought, hey, why not? :) As I did some research into the book to write this review I came to find out that the origin of this cute little book is really a English Fold Song with some very different variations. Frog went a courting he did ride...Frog, a leiutenent comes a courting Miss Mouse. He asks her to be his bride but first they must get her Uncle Rat to approve. Once the ok is given the wedding is planned and the guests show up. The couple is happily wed.

This book is definitely aimed for children though since it doesn't include the horiific endings that some versions of the folk song had of a cat invading the wedding and eating everyone except frog who escapes and then gets eaten by a duck...I know, really nice.

Let me repeat, this version is cute and children friendly. My daughter loves this book and goes around singing "Frog went tortin', uh um, uh um..." :)