07 February 2009

From Snowflakes to Sandcastles - Owen

This book is very interactive and very descriptive. With words under each month's page that uniquely describe things that happen or things to do in this month you get a mental picture, then on the same page are questions about the opposite page, such as: how many sandcastles are there? Can you find the sandcastle with a purple flag? On the opposite page is a jumble of pictures that are actually pictures from the descriptive words. Working with your child they hear you read the words and then you get to hunt for the questions answers as well as there are many opportunities to make up more picture hunts within the page.

This book is great on helping a child follow directions because it is so interactive. Most of the pictures are clear although some I had to tell my almost 3 year old what they were. Overall a fun book to talk about the seasons and their changes.