16 February 2009

Martha Moth Makes Socks - Christensen

The life of a moth, ever wonder what a moth does on any particular day, how about her birthday. Well meet Martha Moth and today is her birthday. She has invited some friends over for dinner but alas, all she has in her cupboard is dust. She has nothing to sprinkle the good dust flavor on. She decides to go shopping and she buys some nice articles from her local closet. While making the delectable clothing items she ends up eating most of the dinner. Her friends are understanding though and brought her more dust. Together they made dusty socks and she enjoyed their company on her birthday.

I first heard this book at our library, read to the kids at a kid's reading program. I just loved it but then couldn't find it to check out myself. We just moved and I found it at our new library and I was so excited! It really is a funny book and I highly recommend it.