16 February 2009

Pinduli - Cannon

Pinduli is told by her mother not to go to far but as she wanders she meets some other animals that make fun of her ears, then she finds out why they made fun of her and tries to get to the bottom of it. Turns out there was a lot of name calling going on. In desperate attempt to try to make herself beautiful to everyone she ends up looking scary and to the animals, like a god. They tell her they'll do anything, so she tells them to be nice always leave some food for her kind of animal. From then on things in the area were much better and she learns that she is beautiful no matter what others think.

I really liked this book, it teaches a good lesson that others are precious because they are themselves and we should treat each other with kindness. The part about her being a god was a little too superstitious for me, but I suppose she was trying to intergrade African beliefs into the story. Overall, a great book. Cannon really has some great books out there, hope you can check them out!