28 February 2009

The Rainbabies - Melmed

I had heard this story a long time ago...ok, so I heard it on Reading Rainbow I think when I was a kid. :) I had forgotten about it until this week when I checked it out of our library. What a sweet story of love and sacrifice for a child or children.

There was an old man and lady who had everything they needed but there was one thing they wanted...a child. One night the lady wakes up to a full moon and a rain. She urges her husband to come stand in the rain with her because she knows it can bring special things. When the rain ends they look down to see raindrops on tiny babies, rainbabies. They take them in and nurture and care for them. Day in and day out they take utmost care of their babies even risking their lives for them and refusing monetary compensation to replace them. When they had proven themselves good parents they are rewarded with a human child, a little girl who they cherish ever so much.

It is a sweet story for any parent as we remember our love for our children and how much they mean to us.