28 February 2009

Toddlers' Action Bible - Currie

I wanted to share this toddlers Bible with you as I thought it was a great and thought provoking way to tell the story to your child with actions and sounds to help parent's and children act out the stories. That is the book's strength, however, it completely ignores Noah's purpose for building the ark and makes it like many children's books, cutesy and ignores the fact that it was God's judgement on a sinful world.

The story of Jesus Christ's birth was pretty well written although when it comes to the application part it says nothing about Christ coming as the Savior of the world. My daughter knows she is a sinner and she tells me. She knows that Jesus is the Savior of the world and He can save her from her sins. Trust me, we have this conversation every time we go past or to our church. :) It is a good book but it strays from teaching children's absorbent minds the truth and purpose of scripture. I know there are better children's Bibles out there.