07 February 2009

Verdi - Cannon

Verdi is a little snake who doesn't want to grow up since after all, all of the grown ups around him don't seem to have any fun. He wants top fly so he throws himself off tall trees and does figure eights in the air...however one day he lands and becomes paralyzed. The wise older serpents carry him to the high parts of the trees and take care of him, strapping him to a branch until he heals. While he heals he listens to their story of when they were young and why, they sounded much like himself. He realized they had chosen a slower paced life to save their lives. When Verdi was healed and grown he too becomes slower but when two young snakes appear he asks them if they want to hang out with him and they end up doing a perfect triple eight in the sky.

The pictures are great and vivid and the story is neat as it balances being content with who you are to learning to enjoy life and making new friends.