07 February 2009

The Very Clumsy Click Beetle - Carle

I love Eric Carle's books, the illustrations are so vibrant and different from the normal artwork and yet it is clear as to what he is illustrating. The Very Clumsy Click Beetle is a great book about a little beetle who has fallen on his back and can't get over. A wise old click beetle comes along and begins to teach him how to click and flip, click and flip...but he keeps landing on his back. Then a huge thing looms over the little click beetle, what is it, a person...quick, click and flip the wise old beetle shouts and the little beetle does and does three quick flips and gets away. On the triple flip page however, I was startled to have a loud clicking sound coming from the book! I loved it and so did my daughter! We read it many, many more times just to hear the click sound.