16 February 2009

When Dinosaurs Came With Everything - Broach

Do you ever remember when your mom dragged you on a ton of errands? It ended up being a lot of car time and normally not the things a kid wants to do. Well, one day, this little boy's mom was taking him out to do errands...it turned out to be a very special day for him. This day, when he would have gotten a balloon for sitting nice to get his hair cut, instead he got a dinosaur, a not a toy, a real dino! They buy donuts and see a sign, buy a dozen, get a dinosaur and it was really true! The same this happened at the doctor! His mom skipped a bunch of errands because she was truly in shock! The beasts followed them everywhere, even home.
His mom was totally freaking out until she realized what a help these animals could be, cleaning the gutters, raking and cutting the lawn. In the end he knows all will be well when he hears his mom calling about the donuts deal again...

This is a funny book and although way out there it is funny to see what one little boy was wishing for as his mom and him did errands. :) Hope you enjoy this book, it was certainly a fun read.