28 March 2009

Because I Love You - Lucado

Shaddai, an old man has built a town, a safe town for the children but he placed a wall around it to protect them from the dangerous woods that surrounded this haven. One day a little boy is looking and finds a hole in the wall and questions Shaddai about it. He tells the boy it is there because he wants the children to stay there not because they have to but because they want to. The boy unwilling to stay leaves and goes to find out about the woods himself. At first they seem great until he realizes that the hole is gone! He is stuck and the woods seem very dark now. He calls out for help and Shaddai makes a new hole and rescues the boy.

I know that Lucado has put out some great books teaching truths about our relationship to God, our Father and Creator but I really think he needs to rethink the characters in this book. Maybe if it had been a shepherd with its sheep but a man with all these children in a closed walled community? In out society, culturally I take offense to his senario because there have been to many people in today's society that have tried to make "perfection" in a community and end up leading a cult. Too many children have been trapped in "safe havens" like the one described here. I would strongly urge Mr. Lucado to write a forward to his book that explains that this book is written to try to help us understand the relationship we have with Christ Jesus as believers in Him. As with all illustrations they fall apart somewhere and this one falls apart in the characters chosen. I truly believe in our society he could have chosen characters that would have portrayed this book and made it a beautiful illustration like the Bible and how it talks of Christ being the Shepherd and we his sheep. The book, while good in content and message, is too far fetching to think that a man could have all these children in a perfect society like this and I don't think there should be such a human illustration when trying to explain God towards us, his children.