27 March 2009

The Children's Illustrated Bible - stories retold by Selina Hastings

We were just visiting my friend Angela and she showed me this neat Bible for children they had gotten, I just loved it and had to share it with you. Most story Bibles just have one illustration to go along with the story or have really simplistic sentence structures but The Children's Illustrated Bible one goes way beyond most children's Bibles. In addition to the picture and a well told story there are little pictures that give more detail to the story you are sharing with your child. For instance, and I apologize for the picture's clarity, but the tower of Babel story includes a picture of a modern day person making mud bricks. Some stories include maps of where they took place and some show real photos from where the events took place. This children's Bible is excellent and we plan to get this one to be our family devotional Bible until the kids are older.

Feel free to click on the pictures for a closer look, again, I do apologize for some of the picture's lack of clairty.