03 March 2009

Little Oh - Melmed

There was a lady that made beautiful pottery by day and origami by night. One day she makes a little girl and she loved it so much she painted a face on it and laid it by her bed in a box. In the night she was awakened by the little girl who had come alive. In her startled state she says, "Oh!" and the girl though that was her name. Oh brought the lady great delight and they spent much time together. One day while accompanying the lady to the market she fell out of the basket and was lost. She ended up deep in a forest after fleeing a dog and met a lonely crane. The crane takes her back to her village but leaves her at the wrong house. The house is owned by a man and his son. She was sad that they didn't have a mother or the boy have a sister. In despair of being found she lays down on their front walk hoping to be found. They find her as she is getting soaked from a rain. She finally is reunited with her mother and the two families unite and Little Oh becomes a real girl.

Such a sweet Pinocchio style story. I was really touched by it. It was very well written and the illustrations are just beautiful.