27 March 2009

Papa Gatto - Sanderson (An Italian Fairytale)

A story similar to Cinderella I think this is more beautiful because of the paintings, the author's description of the characters and the wonderful ending.
Papa Gatto was a cat who lived when animals could communicate with people. He was an advisor to the king and therefore went on many a trip with him. He has his wife had just had a litter of kittens when his wife died and he was left alone with these dear sweet kittens and he needed to leave on another trip. He puts out an ad for a caretaker for his kittens who should be rewarded greatly for a job well done. We then see a household much like that of Cinderella whose home is cleaned by one sweet homely girl while her stepmother and stepsister are lazy and greedy. When the sweet girl and her stepsister hear of the need for a caretaker the stepmother makes her spoiled daughter go. Papa Gatto is smitten with the girl's beauty but when he returns home his kittens are sad and his home is in shambles. It takes much time to get his house back in shape. When he again needs a caretaker he is forced to send another ad but this time the sweet girl just leaves without giving her wicked family a chance. She cares for the kittens and his home and when he returns home he is truly grateful and gives her a beautiful bracelet. She doesn't want the bracelet, only to stay in their home because there is love there. Papa Gatto insists she takes the bracelet and she returns home. When her wicked sister sees the bracelet she rips it from her wrist.
Papa Gatto in talking to the prince, and knowing his desire to marry talks of this sweet girl and recommends the prince meet her. After some confusion they finally meet and he proposes but the sweet girl refuses because she wants to know he loves her, she wants a home filled with love.

I know this review is long but this book is so worth it, I highly recommend this book to you and hope you will check it out.