28 March 2009

The Rainbow Fish - Pfister

The rainbow fish has many beautiful scales and shimmery silver ones as well but he is proud and won't play with the fish that are dull in color thinking himself better than they. One day one small fish approaches the rainbow fish and requests just one of the shimmery scales to which the proud fish refuses harshly. The small fish, with hurt feelings, tells the other fish of the deed and all other fish shun the sparkling fish. Desirous of friends he is told to go to the wise octopus and she tells him to give a sparkling scale to each of the fish. When he finally does he realizes how good it feels to share and how many friends he really can have.

Very good book, beautiful illustrations and the sparkling scales are fun. The lessons are very clear that sharing is a necessary asset for gaining friends as well as friendliness itself and kindness.


vanessa said...

I love this book--bought it for my daughter when she was only one (I thought she would like the shiny scales), but she was too young to enjoy it. You just reminded me that I have it tucked away in a closet somewhere! Now that she is two, I think she will be able to appreciate it. :)