02 March 2009

Two Children's Bible book reviews

My friend Angela at M0lding a Masterpiece wrote two great book reviews for children's Bibles that I wanted to share with you.

365 BIBLE STORIES FOR YOUNG HEARTS uses vocabulary that young children can understand without speaking down to them. The Stories are broken down into approximately one page per day. There are is a picture for almost every story/page. The pictures for the most part are realistic. This book is recommended for ages 5 and up, but I believe that it will effectively keep the attention of my almost-two-year-old, and definitely be appropriate for my three-year-old. Some of the things I liked about this book are that the story of the Fall of Man includes their punishment. The story of Cain and Abel explains that the reason for God's rejection of Cain's gift was his heart attitude. This book also includes passages from Leviticus about the rules the Israelites were to follow and their feasts that most books do not include. As I skimmed through this book (reading several of the passages, but not all), one thing I found that was not accurate was the picture of the empty tomb of Jesus that showed the grave clothes a mess like He was unwrapped instead of neat and untouched. Overall I was impressed with this book and am considering purchasing it to use with my children.

I have been searching for the"perfect" Bible storybook for my kids. My requirements are that it is Biblically accurate, pleasing pictures, and will keep the short attention span of my almost two year old. The concept of THE JESUS STORYBOOK BIBLE is a good one. Pointing the child to Christ in every story throughout the Bible. However, I had a few problems with this book. I am of the opinion that children's books should be written for children, not down to children. Throughout this book I find the author writing down to children. For example, in the story of Creation instead of saying "God said 'let there be light'" the author writes "God said 'Hello light'" etc. Some of the stories, such as Noah's ark, and the temptation of Jesus, are quite abrieviated leaving out important details. Over all I would say the the lituracy of this book is, as Charlotte Mason would say, twaddle. The pictures are impressionistic and very colorful. This is not a book that I will purchase.


Nicole said...

We are very picky when it comes to story bibles for children as well. The best we've found so far is "The Big Picture Story Bible" by David Helm.