02 April 2009

Gigi - God's Little Princess series by Walsh

I have been contemplating this series of books for my little girl who is 3 recently, and finally during a month of traveling I met someone with one of the books so here I am to review it. :) I just loved the pictures and the concept of a little girl being a princess sounded great but after reading it I found several things that saddened me. Gigi, is a cute name but she is very proud. Her parents have always called her a princess so she treats everyone as her subjects. One day her friend asks her why Gigi is a princess and not her...Gigi isn't sure so she asks her dad who avoids the question and then she asks her mom who tells her she is a princess because her Father is the king. Then her mom goes on to say that her friend is a princess too. Gigi calls her friend in a panick and breaks the news to her that they are both princesses. Now who is to reign and where are each of their kingdoms. In the end the Gigi asks her dad if he is king and she is told no, God is the King and you are His princess.

My sadness begins with the character's pride and bossiness but that might have been overlooked. The really sad part is the message that all little girls are God's princesses and that He is their Father. The Bible says that only those who have turned from their sin and accepted Him as their Savior from their sin are children of God. (Romans 3:23) Gigi doesn't even seem to know what God has done for her in this book. I would love a book that shows a little girl coming to the knowledge of who God is and what God did for her on the cross so many years ago. Only when a little girl knows God can she become a true princess.

Good concept but faulty message.