24 April 2009

Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter - Stanley

I am sure that all or at least many of you have read the good old fairy tale, Rumpelstiltskin. When my daughter brought me this book off our library's shelf I had to take a double look at the title. When I realized it wasn't the book I was brought up on I smiled at the name and thought, hmmm, this had better be good. Oh and is it good! This book is hilarious!

Throwing a twist into the story to begin with, the miller's daughter actually falls in love with the short little man and he weaves a ladder for them to escape. They have a daughter together and are content with their simple life. Feeling their daughter should get out and see some of the world they start sending her to market where after time the king hears of her and kidnaps her - still the evil greedy man he was. The daughter comes up with a grand plan to help the king overcome his greed and become loved by his people instead of hated. Slowly she unravels her plan to help him realize what is more important than gold.

The illustrations are just so much fun! The guards in ever picture are in the same stance and described as having shifty eyes. Even the king's little yappy dog is funny. I would highly recommend this book to you if you know this old fairytale. It is truly a great read!