04 July 2009

The Garden Wall - Bishop

Jennie Bishop has written three tremendous books that I know about, The Squire and the Scroll - a book about saving purity for boys, The Princess and the Kiss - a book about saving your purity for girls and this book, The Garden Wall. The Garden Wall is all about two little friends, a boy and a girl. The little girl decides she wants to plant a garden but the boy knows that she'll need a wall around it to keep out unwanted guests. His daddy builds walls so with the guidence of his father he begins to help his friends. It takes a long time to build and they have to learn some incredible lessons, such as trusting one another and staying loyal to the task. In the end they see their finished work and realize they love each other. They already know how they sweat together and stuck out the hard times. In the end, they are married in their garden that they had worked so hard on.

Beautiful story, very well written, it is written from the heart of a mother who cares for her daughter. Jennie Bishop has given us all as parents a huge resource to help our children realize there is reason to keep themselves pure.